The Ocean at Sunset


Most of my adult life, I’ve been a mountain dweller, but I seize every opportunity I can to visit the coast—Vancouver in particular.

Whether arriving by car or plane, I ritually wait for my first glimpse of the ocean, and then I pause and breathe deeply it's rich sweet air.

The ocean calls and calms me. And, while I cherish my home in the "high country", the constancy of the ocean's tides - their ebb & flow mirroring our own inhale & exhale - provide me a sense of security and peace. Whether it's the freighters in English Bay, like postcards speaking of far-off ports, or the sands of a beach, or just the distant horizon that allows me to gaze at everything and nothing, the ocean restores my soul.

Chosen By:  Dan Knight, a former Ontarian who fell in love with the rugged purity of the West 35 years ago, and recently moved to BC.

© Philip Knight 2018