The Duck Pond, Ambleside, West Vancouver

happy face

I have fond memories of feeding the ducks (cracked corn, not bread) at Ambleside Park with my father, and later with my toddler daughter. It was always a pleasant, restorative outing that all three of us enjoyed equally. That’s what I love about Ambleside park; it’s a place for everyone: Young families at the playground, teenagers at the skateboard park, and seniors out for a walk.  It’s a good place to read a book, go for a swim, walk your dog, kick a ball, enjoy a picnic, practice your swing, or feed a duck (actually I think it’s not allowed now).  It’s a place where you can witness the richness of life.  It’s my community.

Chosen By:  Liz Poyser, Retired Senior VP, Ipsos, who has made her home in West Vancouver since 1990.

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